Treatments Of Modern Physiotherapy And Panchakarma Centre

Ayurvedic Treatment

This is the essence of Ayurvedic Treatment. Promising results can be seen even in incurable diseases, through a seris of systematic treatment regims. Body is purified and normal rhythm of life is regained. They includeKashayavasthiVirechanamVamanamNasyamRakthamoksham. Each module is planned to work on whole body.

The ideal program for each patient is arrived after an in-depth analysis on the patients physical health and medical history. They will then receive an individualized module consisting of treatment modalities, dietary, counselling, body detoxification and rejuvenating treatment. The average modules are between 7 to 45 days.

All therapies are conducted by specially trained masseurs under the supervision of professional ayurvedicphysicians.

Treatment Modalities

  • Sodhana treatment - Eliminatory process by panchakarma therapy.
  • Samana treatment - Conservative therapy by internal and external medicines

Panchakarama Therapy

  • Vamana Karma - Emesis Therapyalt
  • Virechana Karma - Purgation Therapy
  • Nasya Karma - Errhine Therapy/nasal medication
  • Nirooha Karma - Enema Therapy
  • Raktamoksha Karma - Blood letting therapy

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